Beyond Behavior Management

We believe that a child’s behavior is influenced by his attitudes, and that his attitudes are shaped by his values. In order to realize lasting change with a troubled boy, we must do more than control his negative behavior.

In the Wilderness Camp Program we avoid the “reward and punishment” philosophy used in popular behavior modification programs. In addressing behavior, we focus on the attitudes and values that lie beneath his problems.

Effectively meeting a boy’s needs must involve every part of his life, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. For this reason, spiritual values are intrinsically woven into the fabric of daily Wilderness Camp living and are reinforced by our staff as they model the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are displayed in the simplest ways – the love and understanding of a counselor, the forgiveness of one boy to another, and the helpfulness of a friend.

Campers working on tent

Therapeutic camper holding log at Bald Eagle Boys Camp

We must look deeper than
their acting-out behavior.

Therapeutic camper raking leaves