The family workers are usually the first image of camp that our families see. After a child comes to camp the family worker’s job is to create a climate of understanding and communication between camp and the family. They work hard to help a family understand what their son is experiencing at camp through frequent calls and emails. Family workers are there to support families as they work on their goals and personal development.

Dan and Sil Beiler, Dan has been at camp as a Family Worker since 2004. He was involved with marriage and family counseling in Canada for 10 years.

Stan and Sarah Hartzler, Stan was very instrumental in starting Bald Eagle and was camps first family worker from 1995 -1996. After some time away from camp he returned in 2007 and has continued to work with families during their sons placement.

Johnny & Gloria Stoltzfus, Johnny has served as a counselor from 2003 -2005. He will be joining the family work team in July 2019