The director is responsible for interviewing staff applicants, conducting staff meetings, and staff training. He presides at the pre-placement and evaluation conferences for campers. On any given day he can be seen cutting wood with a group, on the phone, in a meeting, or his arm around a hurting boy.

The program director oversees the supervisors and assists in staff training. He also insures that camp’s philosophy and policies are being followed, coordinates trip planning and makes certain that the Chuckwagon program is functioning well. His good spirit and contagious are often an encouragement to staff and boys.

Director: Laverne Beachy

Program Director: Vince Kauffman

The supervisors are responsible for counselors’ work performance and assists them as needed. They help in the planning and layout of campsite structures and participate in pre-placement visits. They also coordinate and assist groups in trip planning, Chuckwagon program and chapel services. Whether it is tent building, problem solving, building spirit for an activity, or caring for boys and chiefs—their heart for people shines through.

Doug and Liz Yutzy

Sheldon Bender

Robert and Leanna Schrock

Kenny Kuhns