Partnering With Parents

At Bald Eagle Boys Camp, we place a high priority on returning boys to their homes and communities. For this reason, we make every effort to work closely with each family.

Our family workers keep in contact with the parents and meet with them regularly in their home. These meetings facilitate discussion concerning the boy’s progress in Camp Therapy, his specific areas of struggle, and how the family can support the therapeutic process of their son.

Therapeutic camper at Trading Post

The boy’s family is also required to participate in periodic evaluation conferences held on campus. These meetings engage the counselors, the boy, and his parents in a candid but caring dialogue regarding the camper’s problems and progress.

Home Visits

The campers return to their homes and families for a visit every six weeks. This four-day visit is carefully planned and monitored by camp staff and the parents. The home visit gives campers opportunity to apply what they are learning at Wilderness Camp to the home setting and gives camp staff an effective way to measure the boy’s progress. In this way, the home visits are an integral part of the therapeutic process.

When a boy completes the Wilderness Camp Program, our family workers take an active role to ensure that the boy has a good transition back into the home and school. They also assist with any problems during this transition and are available for consultation as needed.

launching Japanese lanterns at a mother and son banquet

Launching Japanese lanterns at a mother and son banquet

Camper's family visiting his campsite

Camper’s family visits his campsite during Family day

Campers at graduation

Campers at Graduation night

Therapeutic camper and family at Graduation

Therapeutic camper and family at Graduation