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Written by: Robert Schrock, Group Supervisor


              Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year,  especially in the woods. Sometimes spring creeps in slowly, a few buds at a time. This year, however, it burst in on us all in one week, almost like it knew it was running late and was hurrying to catch up. The weather got warm, the leaves popped out, and the birds showed up. Now we’re busy enjoying all of those things. We’re trying to identify as many birds as possible this year. The Adventurers have taken the challenge seriously and have successfully identified more than 35 birds.

As a camp, a big event this session was Families’ Day, which was held on Memorial Day. Families’ Day is just what it sounds like: families get to come spend some time with their boys doing things they do every day. In preparation for all these visitors, everyone cleans up campsite and puts extra effort into making things nice.

Earlier this spring, the Mountaineers went on a week long hiking trip on the West Rim Trail. It’s a beautiful hike along the west rim of Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, they experienced some less than desirable weather, but they were able to pull through with some good lessons learned. They also spent some time rebuilding their wood tent which was in serious need of replacement. They are working on planning a two to three week canoe trip later this summer.

The Adventurers also did a hiking trip about the same time as the Mountaineers. They were hiking in the Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia. Their trip ended a bit prematurely as well due to some inclement weather. Their experiences impacted the way they see their need for each other and the way they take care of each other. They are also busy planning a canoe trip for later this summer.

The Prospectors put a lot of work into building a new crafts tent in the last few months. The biggest thing they are excited about right now is the trip they are planning on the Connecticut River. They have been dreaming about a trip in that part of the country for almost a year now. They have been doing a lot of research and planning to make the trip a success.

The Highlanders have been busy as well. They also rebuilt their wood tent this spring. One of their goals was to solve a design problem that didn’t allow them to use the space in their wood tent very effectively. Their new design allows them to use all of their tent to stack wood instead of making them use part of it for accessing the wood. They are also planning to canoe the North Branch of the Susquehanna in June and July. They are studying some of the fascinating history of the area. Some of these things include logging, mining, and a few disasters associated with mining.

Although spring is a busy time of year, it is a wonderful time of year. There are so many things to see and experience: anything from observing spring flowers to watching a wild turkey hen take care of her chicks. As always, all these things point us to worship the Creator Who promised the seasons would continue until the end of time.