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Written by: Ryan Troyer| Groupwork Supervisor

As we come to the end of summer and begin the start of fall, I can’t help but ask myself how successful we as a Camp have been this year. It’s a question we all ask ourselves at times. First of all, we need to determine what we view as a success. One of Camp’s ultimate goals is to further God’s kingdom in the hearts and lives of the boys we work with. With God’s help, I can honestly say that we have seen numerous boys taking that step toward pursing a relationship with God. They’re not always perfect, but our boys are on a journey of discovering who God created them to be and are working towards that.

Within the last few months, each group has been doing a lot of planning for canoe trips that they recently finished. There have been a lot of food menus written by each one of the boys for each meal, every day of the weeks they’re gone. They soon find out if it was a well thought-out meal or otherwise. Too many banana chips and Pop-Tarts get old after a while. Only the Prospector group was on the mountain for about two weeks which left it feeling kinda empty.

The Mountaineers decided to take a trip to the lakes up in the Adirondacks of New York.

They came back with a lot of excitement, knowing they broke

Camp’s record for the most fish caught on a canoe trip….1,200 fish!

They enjoyed the sound of the loons in the evenings as they went to bed. One unique thing about the Adirondacks is the eerie quietness around the lakes; they say you can hear yourself think.

The Adventurers took a canoe trip to the Potomac River in West Virginia. They came back with some good fishing stories as well. One of their highlights of the trip was visiting the Paw Paw Tunnel along the river. It’s a tunnel that was built back in the 1850’s with a length of 3,118 ft. The tunnel was used for canal boats. Some unique facts are that it took 6 million bricks to finish it, as well as approximately 14 years to finish instead of the projected 2 years.

The Prospectors planned a canoe trip to the Allegheny River earlier this summer. They came back with a lot of stories of finding frogs and turtles and snakes and more. One of them managed to catch the biggest fish of the canoe trips this year…a 22 inch walleye. I heard one of them was skilled enough to catch a full grown duck with a fishing pole as well.

The Highlanders took a fairly lengthy trip to the Current River in Missouri. It ended up being about 3½ weeks. They came back breaking Camp’s record of most fish caught on a canoe trip with a little over 500 fish. They were proud of themselves until the Mountaineers came back thrashing their record with way more fish. Something the Highlanders enjoyed a lot were nice swimming holes. The river’s source is spring fed, which makes it a clear, cool river. One of the springs they visited discharges an average of 276 million gallons of water a day.

Other things happening around Camp this summer included the project of building a new shower house on the mountain. Thanks to everyone who made this possible with all the donated labor and products.  A big event that kept everybody hustling around getting their campsites up to par was the annual Families’ Day. And since we as a Camp had a session theme of fishing, we finished it with a big fish fry.

God’s blessing as you brighten the corner where you are.