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Written by: Ben Zimmerman| Groupwork Supervisor

Life around Camp has been full of activities this winter. We started off the year with a fun filled New Year’s Eve party. The band Amberson came as entertainment, and the rest of the time was spent playing games and eating food. Our skating rink has been a lot of fun, the sledding hill has some crazy stories to tell, and although a blessing, I think most of us are tired of shoveling snow. Another activity we tried was a soup cook-off where we had ten or so different kinds of soup with lunch together as a Camp. We are starting to think about trips we want to do this spring. The menu writing and dreaming about good times on the trail make us long for spring.

The Mountaineers have been studying the art of making charcoal. The first batch they attempted started with twelve wheelbarrow loads of firewood that they lit and covered with dirt. It was turning out nicely until the top of the pile caved in. They decided that next time there needs to be more dirt on the top to make a thicker shell. They are also planning a several week hiking trip on the Florida Trail for later this spring.

The Adventures are just finishing their new cook tent. They made a nice countertop out of cherry wood and a sturdy stone hearth to cook their food over. They have also been working on building a new wood tent. They have their material collected and are ready to start skinning off the bark. They are dreaming about a canoe trip this summer.

The Prospectors are busy cutting and splitting firewood. They finished their new chief’s tent recently which is nice for the chiefs and boys. They also got their tenth boy, giving them a full group again, which is exciting. This spring they are hoping to do a canoe trip. Where that will be is still being decided, but it seems they want to go south, hoping for warmer weather.

Last session the Highlanders had a group goal of researching things that they had interest in. They wrote articles on many different subjects and read them in Chuckwagon for the rest of us to hear. Several of the subjects discussed were the periodic table of elements, sugar energy, Kenworth W900L, quarter horses, and many others. They are also planning a trip this spring—potentially a hike in the Dolly Sods, which has some beautiful countryside.