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Written by: Ben Zimmerman | Groupwork Supervisor

Summer is in full swing, and things are happening everywhere you look. Groups are building tents, going swimming, playing games, cutting firewood, and going on trips. Fourth of July was a blast! Some of us had never been dropped, at less than a moment’s notice, into a dunk tank, and some us found the experience of icy cold water closing around our head as our teeth sank into a juicy apple, invigorating. As a camp, we are building a new wood tent to store our wood for Chuckwagon’s fireplace.

The Mountaineers did a three week canoe trip in August on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River. This wonderful opportunity didn’t come without work though. There was a lot of planning and paperwork that had to be done first. After that they were able to finally jump into their canoes and enjoy the water. The Mountaineers have also been working on rebuilding their privy tent and a sleep tent. Their sleep tent had a lot of good ownership put into it. The notches to secure the front beam fit next to perfectly. These guys love finding things that slither and slide. One of their favorite activities is to walk through the woods or along the creek and turn over rocks and logs, grabbing at anything that moves. Once caught, a critter is closely examined, shown around, identified, and released. They found a baby snapping turtle this summer which they kept a s a pet. The other week Franklin, the turtle, passed away. They had a short burial time for him and laid him to rest.

The Adventurers are also working at replacing several tents. They have a new sleep tent, and their new crafts tent is ready to go up. Some of the trails around their campsite were past due for maintenance. They put hours of labor into them, making them look better and keeping the water running off where it is supposed to. They have found that rocks are useful along trails as a boundary by setting them on edge and planting them in the ground. For months now, the Adventurers have been dreaming of doing a river trip on the Current River in Missouri. On August 10, early in the morning, they left for Missouri. They stopped in Illinois for the night and continued to the river the next morning. The trip is seventeen days and will get them home jut before Home Visit.

The Prospectors returned from a three week trip on the Allegheny River last session which was a treat for them. They caught some big fish and had a lot of fun. Now they are looking forward to a hiking trip this fall. Campsite maintenance is constantly a need. They are finishing up work on their pow-wow trail. They rebuilt a sleep tent and have a new crafts tent that is in its beginning stage. Splitting wood has been a common work schedule for them, and their new wood tent is about to burst at the seams which means they are ready for winter.

The Highlanders have four more of our canoes occupied on the James River in Virginia. They put many hours into planning this trip and are now rewarded with the pleasure of a wilderness rip. One this trip they have learned to enjoy and look forward to the rapids that create a low roar in the distance before they can be seen. The fishing has also been a highlight on this river, to the point that some of us have slightly questioned their counting abilities. Other than a trip, the Highlanders have been working on tent. They finished a majestic chief’s tent that left them scratching their heads at points during the process. They are a problem-solving group and got it figured out. Fishing, swimming, and cutting wood have also been high on the priority list as they go about their weeks at camp.