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Written by: Brian Martin

An important objective of camp is to help boys in the program form a positive view of themselves. To understand who we are in God’s eyes is a blessing. Many boys at camp have self esteem problems that make success impossible. We are made in God’s image according to Scripture. Everyone is important and loved by God regardless of success, failure, talents, financial, or family status. Everyone is important to God.

In light of that I thought I’d share a short article written on a recent canoe trip:

What part of the limb gave us the breakfast fire? This morning we needed a breakfast fire to cook our breakfast. All available wood is wet from the many recent rains. So how to start a fire?

Here is what happened. I searched for and found a tree limb that had some really small limbs that progress upwards in size to limbs as big as your arm. After dragging this limb to the fire ring I broke off tiny limbs the size of pencil leads and made a pile the size of your fist. Then I broke off a supply of limbs the size of your pinkie finger—about a quart box of this size. Then I selected limbs the size of your thumb an amount equal to about a half gallon. So far we have 3 piles of twigs. Next, I cut with the saw a pile of limbs approximately one and a half inches in diameter. The last stack of fuel was pieces about the size of your arm cut 12 to 18 inches long, a fairly good supply, enough to fill a bushel basket.

Now we are ready to start our breakfast fire. Five piles of wood from pencil lead small to size of arm big. And remember its all wet. I placed a strip of birch bark under the pile of pencil lead size twigs and touched the bark with a flame. As the bark flamed up it ignited the pencil lead small twigs. Working quickly I added the size of pinkie finger twigs and as they began to burn I added the size of thumb twigs. As smoke curled upwards I carefully laid on the inch and a half sticks. The flames began to rise when the size of arm fuel was added. In mere moments we were cooking breakfast!

So back to my question. What part of the limb gave us our breakfast fire? Pencil lead thin or size of arm big? Or one in between?

Makes you wonder why we evaluate people that are “big” as so important and people that are little as not worth their salt. So who really starts the fire? The Bible speaks to this question in 1 Corinthians 12:12-18.