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Written by: Brian Martin – Director

The original idea of a boys camp in Pennsylvania was born out of an after church conversation between Dave Stoltzfus and Stan Hartzler in 1989. Since that time the involvement of many people has been amazing.

Those early years before Bald Eagle Boys Camp enrolled its first boys were characterized by thousands upon thousands of hours of volunteer work. From youth groups cutting firewood and clearing land to board members pursuing building permits licensing and finances. The man hours given is truly impossible to calculate.

As camp began in January 1995 more work was needed. In 15 years Bald Eagle Boys Camp has had 40 young men work here as chiefs, 25 young ladies as cooks and secretaries, 15 construction and maintenance men, 14 groupwork supervisors, 6 family workers, and 8 program directors and directors. Also in those 15 years we have been given an estimated 60,000 man hours from work groups who come here for work days doing construction and other projects. Material donations have included equipment, construction material, food, and money. The annual budget has grown from $85,000 in 1995 to $680,000 in 2010. So many people have given sacrificially at all levels.

Bald Eagle Boys Camp has also been blessed and protected by those who pray for us. The work of camp with boys and families is spiritual in spite of all the physical aspects mentioned above. The prayer warriors who support regularly are vital. Without their prayers and the strengthening hand of God the workers mentioned would have become faint hearted and quit long ago.

The focus of all this has been the boys and families God has entrusted Bald Eagle Boys Camp to work beside. In 15 years camp has enrolled 287 boys with 195 completing the program. Only eternity will reveal the total impact upon their lives.

In working with the boys of Bald Eagle Boys Camp and many counselors, institutions, schools, social workers, judges, and doctors have given up. The support of the churches and individuals interested in camp has given the staff of camp courage NOT to give up. The boys and families served since 1995 are grateful. You may only meet them in eternity but until then I thought you would like to know. God bless.