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I’m sitting on a grassy lawn by the river, thinking about leaving Camp in a few weeks. Sometimes I wonder what have I done at Camp? What have I done to bless other people? What happened to me? As I look back over it, I realize a lot has happened to me. I’ve met a lot of friends that I’ll never forget. I’ve learned to cook meals that people could actually enjoy eating.

When I came to camp, I was scared of everything. I was scared of the people around me, I was scared of cooking, I was even scared of myself! I didn’t believe that I could do anything. Deep in my heart I wanted to be the kind of person that people liked to be around. Slowly I started trying to do things, and I discovered that maybe I can. People around me encouraged me to keep going, when I felt like giving up. I still struggle with a lot of fears about stuff, but I’ve learned to be okay with the person I am. God created me and I know He didn’t make any mistakes. He made me just like He wanted me to be. So if you’re out there somewhere, not sure who you are, or what you’re here on earth for, God loves you, so keep fighting!