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Today I’m going to tell you about the good and the bad things about the Standing Stone Trail, starting with the good things about the Standing Stone Trail. You can see a lot of vistas and there’s not many people on it, because they’re all on the thousand steps. You can also walk through a town. I thought that was really fun. If you want to, there’s a nice camping site there with water. And you can see all of the big rocks and really big trees and all the nature. It rained on the one day and it gave us water. Now I’m going to tell you about the bad stuff about the Standing Stone trail. Some bad things about the trail is  the campsites were really far apart. We camped dry ever day except one day. It was really hard hiking up the thousand steps with a 38 pound pack. If you don’t like steep climbing, then this trail is not for you. Well, I personally enjoyed this trip, but sometimes it wasn’t that good.