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Written by: Elijah
Group: Prospectors
Month: April
Year: 2010

Why do we come to camp? We come to camp to help ourselves and others. At home I would disrespect my parents when they would try to help me. For example, if they tried to tell me to do something I wouldn’t care and would do it again behind their backs. Also at school I would sometimes hangout with bad attitudes because I could relate with them and I wanted to be something they thought I was.

So far at camp I’ve learned to be honest, Dishonesty before camp was a habit, I lied so much that I didn’t even know when I was doing it and even began to believe lies were reality. Also, I’ve learned to share my feelings. I never shared my deep feelings and never knew how much they could affect me. I would just hold them in and try to act as if nothing was wrong. I would often hurt myself because inside I was hurting so bad and I thought it would take them off my mind. I’ve also learned that gang crupt and there’s nothing positive about them. During my time at camp I’ve also learned that nothing is impossible if you want it. This applies with everything but here at camp it applies to goals. Goals can be achieved if you work hard and really want to work on them. At times you’ll struggle but if you give up then your throwing out your progress. Because of what I have learned at camp I am able to enjoy life and learn from my problems.