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Written by: John
Group: Adventurers
Month: July
Year: 2020

When I came to Camp it was my first time being away from my family for a very long time. I am excited to go back to my family.

On the first day that I came, I was to start a new life. As the days went by, Camp became harder every day. One day I decided to help my group and respect my chiefs. The reason I came is for not respecting my family. It was hard to go through Camp and respect others. After about eight months, someone who helped me through Camp left and I was upset and angry at myself.

After a year or so I started to talk to my chiefs about it. After I talked to them for some time, I started to work on my goals, and chiefs wanted to help me get out of Camp. As other campers left, I wished that it could have been me.

On July 14, Chief Andrew came into my tent after siesta and put a note into my hikers. I slowly opened my eyes and caught him putting it into my shoe. I got the note and it said that I was going home!!! I was so excited!!! So that’s my life at Camp.