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Written by: Nolan
Group: Mountaineers
Month: April
Year: 2010

The cook tent is coming along. It has a rocket cooker and a hearth of course and right now we have all the post done, a beam, and a rail. Just soon we are going to put on our rafters and tarp before we know it. We are trying to get our tarp on before next cookout. So we are in a hurry. And we are building our cook tent with a lot of spirit, and beautiful design with East opening at the top. And one post we put in we just used a post hole digger. Nice slender hole, 2 feet deep. Less tamping, less rocks, just to let you know we are early on our cooktent. And we have a race to get our tent done because every group is building a tent. And a contest for the best notches. We even have a trash can holder and a cross corner Dutch oven holder.