cooking hamburgers

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Written by: Nate
Group: Prospectors
Month: September
Year: 2010

Cooking is a wonderful thing, but in order to cook you need to make a menu. When we make a menu we have a menu sheet that tells us what group its for and what meal and also what date. We fill that all out then we think of something we want to make. You could make anything from your favorite pasta dish to your favorite baked dish. Let’s say I am making some hamburgers. I would be ground beef down and however many pounds. I would need for 12 burgers. Then would do the same for whatever else I wanted I need to make sure I get something from every food group. I can spend a total of $21.00 on my cookout menu.

Now when I cook my hamburgers I will get a hot fire going. Then I will get my burger ready to cook, that would include putting seasoning in it and other stuff. Then I would grill them on an open fire. I would make sure I got the right kind of wood burning on the fire. Then I would grill the burgers till they were just right. Then I would take the whole meal over to my group so we could eat it. Yum.