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Written by: Johny
Group: Prospectors
Month: September
Year: 2010

The Painted Bunting is a beautiful bird that has an amazing color. The colors that they have is a purple head, light green, red belly, and a red and black tail their size is about 5 1/2 inches. When the Painted Bunting is a juvenile, it is green with brown. The female colors are light brown. They lay pale blue eggs without markings. They lay 3-4 eggs. They live in open bushy areas. They are smaller than Bluebirds. They eat insects, seeds, fruit. They will visit seed feeders. It takes the chicks 10-11 days to fly. That’s cool. The female builds the nest alone. They shape the nest in an oval shape. They often use moss, cotten, bark strips, twigs, weeds, hairs, feathers, dried grass. Sometimes they use snake skins to build the beautiful round nest.