building tent at Bald Eagle camp for boys

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Written by: Shaquan
Group: Adventurers
Month: April
Year: 2010

First you get the material. Next you skin the material. Next you take down the old tent. Then you take up the material to the pile. Next you plant post. After that you ask supervisors for the band-boards. Then you nail them to the post. After that you ask supervisors for floor joists. Then you nail them in side the band board. Next you get plywood, you nail it to the floor joists, then you have a platform. Then you get the beams that you skinned, then you notch them so they fit the post. You and your partner pick it up and place it on the post. Then you drill into the beam & post. Then you clean out the hole and you get the dowel rod and put glue on it and nail it into the post. Then all the beams are like that. You get the rails and do the same. Then if you have a king pin that is a upside. Down t you notch so the pieces fit. You drill into the 2 pieces and clean it out and put a dowel rod in. that is where we are on our tent.