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Written by: Matthew-Highlanders

Have you ever heard the words that pretty much
promise a good cookout? Let me give you a scenario. You’re
sitting in Chuckwagon, watching the final moments of the
movie. You sleepily glance at your watch. 8:23. The film ends,
and Chief Erwin flips on the lights and grabs the nearest
supervisor. It happens to be Chief Doug. He asks us to share
about the next few days. You hear the sharp rustle of plans’
outlines as campers check this out. Group by group, you faintly
hear the plans of cookout. As this all plays out, chiefs trickle
out the door, bearing baskets abundant with food. Finally,
Chief Doug dismisses us and we crowd around the menus.
Chief identifies menus with campers. You, unfortunately,
aren’t assigned a menu. Along with your other unlucky fellows,
you eagerly look and listen as people scan their menu sheets.
Unanimously, they look up with grins on their faces, and you
hear those long-anticipated words, “Nothin’ crossed off!”