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Written by: Evan
Group: Mountaineers
Month: December
Year: 2021

So today I will be telling you some ways how to make a slingshot. So first we want to go find a tree that has a “You” in it. Then if you want to, you can make a cool design, like a spiral or you can write the name of the person that you are giving it to. But I would take all the bark of. I would take 80 grit and sand all of it. And if you want, you can get 120 or 220 and make it smooth. But I would just use 80 grit to make it look nice. Then you can drill holes or you can take a Leatherman saw and cut straight down. And after you are done, you can flatten it out with a Flex cut or the Leatherman knife blade. Then you can poly it or tung oil it, but if your Chief said he had his from 8th grade, you don’t have to.