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Written by: Tim
Group: Adventurers
Month: November
Year: 2019

Today I am going to talk about my life and camp. When I came to camp, I had anger problems, and I had things I needed to talk about. I came on my preplacement and I saw camp and the Adventurer group said they can help me with my problems. So I came to camp hoping that they could hep me. After about one month I already felt change in me. I still had things I needed to talk about. So my group gave time every day to talk about my feelings. After I started talking, my heart started opening up and I could talk about my past and my dad. I had anger toward my dad. When I talked, Chief Alex told me that when I feel ready, I should forgive my Dad for what he had one. So looking back at 2 years and 2 months ago, I changed a lot. I was angry. I would yell and stuff, but now camp has put so much in my life. I am happy that I came to camp. I feel so much better about  myself. Some other thigs that camp helped me with is reading. I did not like to read and I would never try, but now I love to read. I am reading a book called Hatchet.  I love myself and I love camp now. If you ever need to change or get help in your life, you should come to Bald Eagle Boys Camp. They are willing to help.