Each session our campers share their thoughts, experiences, and adventures. We’ve chosen to post some of their articles on our web site to give you a window into the rich life of therapeutic camping.

Life at Bald Eagle Boys Camp

Written by: John Group: Adventurers Month: July Year: 2020 When I came to Camp it was my first time being away from my family for a very long time. I am excited to go back to my family. On the first day that I came, I was to start a new life. As the days…

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Nothin’ Crossed Off

Written by: Matthew-Highlanders Have you ever heard the words that pretty much promise a good cookout? Let me give you a scenario. You’re sitting in Chuckwagon, watching the final moments of the movie. You sleepily glance at your watch. 8:23. The film ends, and Chief Erwin flips on the lights and grabs the nearest supervisor….

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Tent Building

Tent building is one of the fun things to do at camp. There are reasons why we build tents. First we have to see which tent needs to be rebuilt. Then as a group, we would decide what we want the tent to look like. In building a tent, you get to learn math because…

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Written by: Tim Group: Adventurers Month: November Year: 2019 Today I am going to talk about my life and camp. When I came to camp, I had anger problems, and I had things I needed to talk about. I came on my preplacement and I saw camp and the Adventurer group said they can help…

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Written by: Caleb- Prospector Tuesday was not an average day because we did not write plans that afternoon. We decided to write plans on Sunday, so the whole afternoon was free. Everyone wanted to go skating so we did. We took siesta on the bus trip down, and a little after. There we started skating….

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Sauna at Scootac

Written by: Matthew- Highlanders How do you accomplish a sauna when Scootac is sealed beneath 7-8 inches of ice? You grab an ax and get chopping. That’s what Chief Levi did today at the Highlanders’ first sauna of 2018 (my first sauna, by the way). Chief Levi and Jacob got a fire going on top…

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Why to Have a Good Attitude

Name: Devyn Group: Highlanders Month: October Year: 2017   Today I’m going to talk about why you should have a good attitude on a hiking trip. The first reason is that it keeps everybody moving. You could yell, “This is boring,” which would destroy everybody’s spirit. Or you could yell at the start of an…

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Standing Stone Trail Review

Today I’m going to tell you about the good and the bad things about the Standing Stone Trail, starting with the good things about the Standing Stone Trail. You can see a lot of vistas and there’s not many people on it, because they’re all on the thousand steps. You can also walk through a…

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Raising the Cooktent

Written by: Nolan Group: Mountaineers Month: April Year: 2010 The cook tent is coming along. It has a rocket cooker and a hearth of course and right now we have all the post done, a beam, and a rail. Just soon we are going to put on our rafters and tarp before we know it….

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How to build a tent

Written by: Shaquan Group: Adventurers Month: April Year: 2010 First you get the material. Next you skin the material. Next you take down the old tent. Then you take up the material to the pile. Next you plant post. After that you ask supervisors for the band-boards. Then you nail them to the post. After…

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