Sauna at Scootac

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Written by: Matthew- Highlanders How do you accomplish a sauna when Scootac is sealed beneath 7-8 inches of ice? You grab an ax and get chopping. That’s what Chief Levi did today at the Highlanders’ first sauna of 2018 (my first sauna, by the way). Chief Levi and Jacob got a fire going on top…

Why to Have a Good Attitude

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Name: Devyn Group: Highlanders Month: October Year: 2017   Today I’m going to talk about why you should have a good attitude on a hiking trip. The first reason is that it keeps everybody moving. You could yell, “This is boring,” which would destroy everybody’s spirit. Or you could yell at the start of an…

Dan and Sil Beiler

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Dan and Sil Beiler · Dan has been at camp as a Family Worker since 2004. He was involved with marriage and family counseling in Canada for 10 years.

A Place Great and Fair

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Is there a place so great and fair, Where moths still dance (most days) in the air? Where stumps, yet blackened, in remembrance of long past blaze still stand? Where the air is easily inhaled by every creature, from the tiniest of insects to the sleeping black bear? Is there a place so wonderfully bare…

A Mother’s Testimony

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What you have done for my son and my family is beyond love. Perhaps you will never know how many years I prayed that Derek could find a mentor. It was always “now” that I wanted it. God wanted it in His time. I wanted and prayed for one mentor. God gave Derek all of…

Bald Eagle The Light

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The world was dark, I could not see, Stumbling over the things before me, Not able to walk the twisted path, Or throw off the anger that caused the wrath. A light that helped me grow, The light gave me the right way to know The way to live a fulfilling life, To get away…

A Friendly Letter

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The following is an excerpt from a letter that camp received after one of our groups completed a 3-week trip on the James River: To Whom It May Concern: While canoeing on the James River near Buchanan, VA, I met a group of 10-12 teenage boys with their leaders having a wonderful time. About 10…

Character Development

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To Bald Eagle Boys Camp: I am quite impressed with your program of dealing with troubled teenage boys. It appears that you have been able to have a very positive impact on these boys in teaching them work habits, character development, and giving them a sense of worth. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to talk…