Stan & Sarah Hartzler

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Stan and Sarah Hartzler

Stan and Sarah Hartzler · Stan was very instrumental in starting Bald Eagle and was camp’s first family worker from 1995-1996. After some time away from camp, he returned in 2007 and has continued to work with families during their son’s placement. After a short illness, Stan passed away on October 23, 2020. We value…

Life at Bald Eagle Boys Camp

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Written by: John Group: Adventurers Month: July Year: 2020 When I came to Camp it was my first time being away from my family for a very long time. I am excited to go back to my family. On the first day that I came, I was to start a new life. As the days…

One of the Best Campsites

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Written by: LucasGroup: ProspectorsMonth: JulyYear: 2020      Today we woke up to a great start. We woke up to a nice foggy river and then ate the best gravy in the world. Then we started canoeing down to a spot that we could swim around for a while, because we made some of our…

Nothin’ Crossed Off

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Written by: Matthew-Highlanders Have you ever heard the words that pretty much promise a good cookout? Let me give you a scenario. You’re sitting in Chuckwagon, watching the final moments of the movie. You sleepily glance at your watch. 8:23. The film ends, and Chief Erwin flips on the lights and grabs the nearest supervisor….


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Written by: Tim Group: Adventurers Month: November Year: 2019 Today I am going to talk about my life and camp. When I came to camp, I had anger problems, and I had things I needed to talk about. I came on my preplacement and I saw camp and the Adventurer group said they can help…


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skating rink at boys camp

Written by: Caleb- Prospector Tuesday was not an average day because we did not write plans that afternoon. We decided to write plans on Sunday, so the whole afternoon was free. Everyone wanted to go skating so we did. We took siesta on the bus trip down, and a little after. There we started skating….