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Written by: Vincent Kauffman

Summer is fast slipping away and I’m not sure that our groups are done with it yet. The swimming hole still calls us although it has been a bit cooler lately. Our highlight at the swimming hole this year was a forty foot homemade water slide that we put up on the 4th of July and used for several weeks.

This summer we once again dug the axe and tarp out of the ground and moved it closer to it’s destination at the Ohio boy’s camp. It had been buried along the Alleghany River for over a year. (For details on the axe and tarp, see previous newsletters.) The Mountaineers were the first to take the challenge this summer and they took the axe and tarp almost to Pittsburgh via the Alleghany River. They had a good time and learned a lot about working together on a trip. They are also building a new table for their chuck tent and are very proud of it. It is unique in that it has one center leg to support the whole table.

The Adventurers just finished a two week trip on the beautiful Shenandoah River in Virginia. They love to fish and chose the Shenandoah partly because of its renowned fishing waters. Their fishing licenses were expensive so they are taking on some jobs around the community to help pay for them. They are getting ready to build a new chuck tent.

The Prospectors theme last session was “tent building”. They built a wood tent for themselves and also designed a tent for the camp in Ohio. They then spent a week in Ohio constructing the new tent. They realized that their tent building would be critiqued and used as a standard for future construction in the new campsite. They took their responsibility very seriously and did an excellent job. They are planning to canoe around 100 miles on the Potomac River this session.

The Highlanders took the trip of a lifetime this past session when they moved the axe and tarp 142 miles down the Ohio River. It is now within 40 miles of the new camp. They shared the river with some larger craft including barges and tugboats. They had to navigate a number of Locks and Dams. They met a lot of interesting people and came back with lots of stories of life on the river. Just an example of people’s generosity, one night while they were in campsite, Dominoes pizza delivered 12 large pizzas ordered anonymously for them!

Thank-you for caring about camp and the boys we work with. Please pray for us as God brings us to mind.