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News: Albert Stoltzfus returned home after giving two years of his time to help boys. God bless you, Chief Albert for showing God’s love to the Adventurer Group.
News: Carol High left after serving as cook for two years. Thanks for cooking us all those yummy meals. Blessings to you, Miss Carol, as you and Chief Anthony begin your life together.
News: Welcome to Karla Stoltzfus from Perry, NY. It is good to have you here, Miss Karla, we look forward to the many good meals that you’ll be cooking.
News: John and Kate Lapp welcomed a fifth son, Jeremiah Wade, on September 10. He weighed in at 10lb.4oz .and was 21 inches long.
News: We had a mentor training weekend here on September 18 & 19. There were 10 men here to learn about being a mentor to campers as they return home. If you are interested in being a mentor contact John Lapp at camp’s office.