Each session our campers share their thoughts, experiences, and adventures. We’ve chosen to post some of their articles on our web site to give you a window into the rich life of therapeutic camping.

Making Nothing to Something

Written by: Tim – Highlanders Today when we came to our campsite there was beer bottles and a bunch of other debris. The Highlanders got whatever we could to level out the campsite. The campsite looked amazing. There was nothing on the ground, and the ground was flattened out. We set up our tents and… Read more »

A Long Hard but Wonderful, Powerful, Worthwhile Day!

Written by: Cameron – Prospectors Today we hiked 9.7 miles, talk about a work out. But boy was it worth it, not that we got a big prize or trophy at the end of the day! But thinking of how much pushed us and how much progress we made, it’s worth it. Right at the… Read more »

Canoe Day

Written by: Jordan – Highlanders Well today I got to do some stuff that is really fun. I got to paddle. I really like paddling, but I don’t know why. But a cool thing, is, is that I was able to keep up for seven miles, and it was pretty awesome. And we had to… Read more »

Ups and Downs

Written by: Alex – Adventurers Today we hiked 6 miles, 6 rough, tough, and fun miles. We did a lot of ups and downs today also. We hiked until we found a very good campsite near Ripper Hollow. Ripper Hollow has a nice flowing stream where I plan to build a dam with Tony. Hopefully,… Read more »

The Best Day in Ohio

Written by: Steve – Prospectors Hello my name is Steve. Today we got the A-frame sleep tent completely finished for the Ohio Boys Camp. I had a whole lot of fun building the sleep tent for the camp. This was the first time that any of us built an A-Frame sleep tent. When our group… Read more »

Raising the Cooktent

Written by: Nolan Group: Mountaineers Month: April Year: 2010 The cook tent is coming along. It has a rocket cooker and a hearth of course and right now we have all the post done, a beam, and a rail. Just soon we are going to put on our rafters and tarp before we know it…. Read more »

What Camp Does for Us

Written by: Elijah Group: Prospectors Month: April Year: 2010 Why do we come to camp? We come to camp to help ourselves and others. At home I would disrespect my parents when they would try to help me. For example, if they tried to tell me to do something I wouldn’t care and would do… Read more »

How to build a tent

Written by: Shaquan Group: Adventurers Month: April Year: 2010 First you get the material. Next you skin the material. Next you take down the old tent. Then you take up the material to the pile. Next you plant post. After that you ask supervisors for the band-boards. Then you nail them to the post. After… Read more »

Aquatic Life

Written by: Lucas Group: Highlanders Month: April Year: 2010 I have a goal on aquatic life. I think it is a pretty wide ranged goal. That is part of the reason I got it. The main subject I want to touch on is the Manatee. They have a couple of names. The other names for… Read more »

Preparation for Cooking

Written by: Nate Group: Prospectors Month: September Year: 2010 Cooking is a wonderful thing, but in order to cook you need to make a menu. When we make a menu we have a menu sheet that tells us what group its for and what meal and also what date. We fill that all out then… Read more »