Therapeutic Wilderness Camping for Troubled Boys

Bald Eagle Boys Camp

At Bald Eagle Boys Camp, we use a Wilderness Camp setting to provide a non-punitive atmosphere where boys can work through problems and move towards behavioral, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

The campers live together in small groups, developing personal and social skills while working together towards common goals. The out-of-doors is an exciting place for boys to explore, learn, and express their curiosity. With the careful guidance of our staff, they uncover their inner problems and in time, learn to master the struggles that have caused conflict and dysfunction in their family and community.

Thank you for your interest in Bald Eagle Boys Camp’s therapeutic camping. We hope our site aids you in understanding our therapeutic camping school program for boys.

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-The Board of Directors

The Camp Program

Bald Eagle Boys Camp is a year-around Wilderness Camping Program providing residential treatment for troubled boys. It is a private, non-profit organization, sponsored by the Mennonite church and interested individuals. We are governed by a board of directors and a pastoral committee.

Our mission is to provide quality care in our Wilderness Camp setting for troubled boys and their families without regard to race, ethnic origin, religious creed, or economic status. We work together with parents, referring agencies, and schools to address the unique needs of each child.

Troubled Boy Therapeutic Campers Gathering Firewood

Program Objectives

Our Therapeutic Camping treatment activities address camper’s problems by:

  • Helping them form a positive view of themselves and their problems.
  • Aiding them in respecting others and building healthy relationships.
  • Encouraging them with self-help and problem solving skills.
  • Teaching them that education is a positive, useful part of everyday life.
  • Facilitating the rebuilding of healthy family relationships.Emphasizing spiritual values through daily interaction with positive role model

Camper Profile

The boys referred to our Wilderness Program have a background plagued with failure, which has damaged their confidence and made them feel worthless. Most are antagonistic in their behavior, and defiant toward adults. Many of them lack supportive relationships with positive roles.

Most of them have been diagnosed with some type of behavioral and emotional disorder. Although each camper’s problems are unique, they all have exhibited behavior troublesome enough to justify residential treatment.

Troubled Boy and Camp Counselor at Therapeutic Camp

We accept boys with ages from nine to sixteen. Each boy and his parents are included in the decision to enroll in the Therapeutic Camping Program and must be committed to setting treatment goals prior to intake. The average enrollment period is eighteen months and graduation is based upon achievement of the treatment goals.

Bald Eagle Boys Camp for Troubled Boys

Our Facility

Bald Eagle Boys Camp is located in central Pennsylvania, six miles west of Lock Haven along State Route 120. The campus includes 520 acres of beautifully wooded mountain land. The facilities consist of an office, a dining hall, a warehouse, and staff housing. The campers and counselors live at secluded campsites in tent cabins that they build and maintain themselves.